Leadership Coaching

Our business and leadership coaching enables organizations to attain outstanding results by helping leaders to realize their full potential. It produces quantifiable and sustained improvements in leaders’ performance and helps them to achieve previously unattainable levels of excellence.

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What's Better Today?

Leadership Coaching is an essential tool for anyone who wants to learn and grow as a leader, improve their business leadership coaching skills or to learn to coach. Written by a top leadership coach trainer, this book is filled with practical coaching tools and template exercises that bring professional coaching techniques within your grasp. learn more

Leadership Assessment

GAPPS 4 identifies your current strengths AND your priority development areas AND your potentiality as a leader. With links to our unique, interactive online learning system. learn more

GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System

Our integrated online learning and coaching system provides all of our clients with 24/7 access to the resources you need to continue your development.learn more


GAINMORE™ Golf is a powerful leadership development programme where leaders practice leadership skills and building good leadership character within the game of golf. GAINMORE™ Golf enables and empowers leaders effortlessly with new leadership behaviours whilst they think that they are only playing golf. learn more

Professional Leadership Caddy® Certification

It is time to shift paradigms. Especially for our younger future leaders. They don’t want a “sage on the stage”, they want a “guide on the side”. As leaders who desire to impact others we need to follow Dawson Trotman’s axiom, “More time with less people equals greater impact for everyone.” To truly impact people, leaders need to coach and mentor others effectively for organisational and individual results.

Team Leadership and Team Building

Affective Team Leadership and The Coaching Game teaches you how to develop yourself as a leader, establish trust with others and nurture relationships, connecting at an emotional level and equipping you with the tools and techniques to work with, lead and coach others.learn more

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Leaders Speak

Apart from a good friend, John is a great guy, extremely helpful and genuinely interested in helping people for no other purpose than to be himself or to add value. John thank you of being you!
Servaas de Kick, Milpark Business School
I was introduced to John’s work whilst at PricewaterhouseCoopers and can see that he achieves change through fresh insight, real business value, and performance gains through people (rather than the all too common training day “happy sheets” and away-days!). Management is about effective change: we all need to raise our game and John has helped me to raise mine.
John Enoch, Voxsmart
John is genuinely passionate and innovative in his area of expertise. He will also offer practical solutions and commitment to his clients.
David Bowes, WDS
John has excellent products for staff development and has proved quite valuable in recommending programs
Karim Kurmaly, DSM
John demonstrates outstanding mastery in the art of questioning, the fundamental skill of a great coach. He is caring and superbly observant at the same time, perceptive and precise in his inquiry in your discovery of the answer. Extremely professional and generous in his work, he integrates the latest technology to augment the learning process. A great sinseh to me and anyone looking to master coaching.
Sharon Tan, Grohe

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